Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment

Lower Back Pain Relief with Feel Electric EMS

Over 80% of people in the UK have experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. But with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) therapy at Feel Electric treatment clinics, you can relieve the pain in your lower back or lumbago region quickly. 

Strong lower back muscles are vital to improve posture and to ensure an upright walk, stand, and seat. EMS physio training strengthens those muscles to prevent future lower back pain. For some people chronic lower back pain can last for months or even years. With Feel Electric EMS training you can relieve lower back pain in a few physical therapy sessions so you and your back feels stronger and healthier faster. 

Our EMS technology reaches over 90% of the muscle’s fibres in your lower back, targeting your lower back pain much more effectively than normal workouts. As a safe way to exercise while avoiding pain and strain physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors make EMS treatment therapies a key part of their lower back rehabilitation programmes. Relieve your lower back pain fast with Feel Electric EMS.

What Causes Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain can be a real mystery. Pain in your lower back might come on suddenly when you wake up after a night’s sleep, straight away if you’ve twisted awkwardly or been in a collision or simply develop gradually over time. In general, though the causes of lower back pain can be divided into two main categories:

Non-specific lower back pain: This is the most common type of pain in your lower back. This sort of lower back pain is usually caused by a muscle strain or strain of the tendons or ligaments in your lumbar or lower back area. That lower back pain can result directly from a specific movement like lifting something heavy or just worsen gradually. 

Pain in your lower back can also be caused by doing repetitive tasks in your job or just sitting in the same position over extended periods. If you’re carrying excess weight, you’re also more likely to have lower back pain. 

As you age and your posture worsens the likelihood of pain in your lower back also increases. Non-specific lower back pain may even be caused by traumatic emotional situations.

Specific lower back pain: While the cause of lower back pain can be difficult to pin down, pain in your lower back can also have specific reasons. If you’re suffering from sciatica and feeling the pain in your lower back on your right or left side, your sciatic nerve is acting up. 

Perhaps you’re in pain from a slipped or herniated disc in your lower back which is pressing on your spine. You could be dealing with a fracture, a break in one of the bones in your lower back. 

The types of lower back pain can also include inflammatory lower back pain where your immune system is aggravating your spinal ligaments and joints.

The Science of EMS Lower Back Pain Treatment

The most innovative physiotherapists or physical therapists like osteopaths and chiropractors use EMS pain relief technology when treating patients with lower back pain. That’s backed up by the science of lower back pain relief. 

Recent scientific studies have shown one EMS session per week can help decrease lower back pain intensity by an average of 87% while also cutting lower back pain frequency by 64%. 

But the academic study results didn’t just show the pain relief properties of EMS physio exercises but also its potential for preventing lower back pain in the future. 

Over six months, EMS physical therapy sessions scored an increase of over 15% in lower back extensor strength and in maximum isometric strength in the subjects’ back muscles.

Prevent Lower Back Pain with EMS Treatment

With EMS physical therapy at Feel Electric clinics you’ll relieve lower back pain now and prevent pain in your lower back tomorrow. 

Our EMS pain relief sessions are just 20 minutes of low impact exercises and stretches that work on your lower back without overstraining your muscles and joints. Feel Electric’s expert personal trainers will focus our EMS physio devices on the lumbago region so you repair injured muscles in your lower back while also making weaker lumbar muscles stronger. 

Feel Electric EMS physical therapy exercises will make you stronger and improve your general health and wellbeing even when you’re dealing with a chronic lower back problem. EMS physio training strengthens the muscles in your back so you can control your posture and avoid chronic lower back pain in the future. Prevent future lower back pain with EMS rehabilitation training at Feel Electric clinics.

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